Installation Fail QNX Neutrino Host 6.3

Dear OpenQNX Forum,

In the image you can see the hardware of my host system…

We are trying to install QNX Neutrino Host in that PC, but it is impossible, let me tell you about:

When the PC is booting from CD (Professional Edition QNX Neutrino RTOS HOST), just it shows the following message:

Can’t locate PNP nodes
Detected EIDE Scanning for devices

And then nothing!!! The all system is blocked.

What is wrong? What Can I Do?

P.D:I hope that you can help me…

Best Regards,

Disable your usb drives in BIOS and try to install it again.

try disabling DMA and/or look for SMP, since you have 2 CPUs as far as i saw.
If something helps, even the USB-disabling (^^) then please let me know ^^