General Resize Graphic app

I have to run 1 graphic aplication but in 2 diferents machines with 2 diferents resolutions. One in 1024x768 and the other in 1280x1024. Obviously I don’t want to develop twice the same app. Who can I resize all the only app I want to work in ??. Other: can I make it without change the widgets dimensions (only the distance between them) ??

Thank you in advance for help

You can position every widget relative to their the border of their container (not all type of container though) With very careful design you may be able to achieve what you want.

But I don’t think you can resize thing like buttons and stuff.

I think you can Mario. As long as all the widgets are given a name, and even if not for that matter, you could
go through a list of them at startup and resize and relocate each one. The location and size are just widget
properties. Of course somethings don’t resize. If for example you have a gif that you want to change size,
you would need two versions. Picture databases can be useful for this.

I meant resizing while attaching their borders to containers.

Oh, thanks for your help. I think anchoring the widgets to the containers will not work as I need, becose it moves the widgets the same distance the border moves, and I don´t need that. I need to maintain the aparience of the screen small or big.
I think the best (only?) way to achieve what I want is to browse the widgets tree after the base window resize and relocate them on by one recalculating their position for the new screen size.

Any further idea?

Thanks a lot to all. Long life to qnx!!!