Update trend data on vertical refresh or retrace?

I have a thread pulling in several channels of cardiac like data that I’d like to update on the screen in a scrolling window - like a standard EKG (ECG) display.

The most efficient thing to do is to just update the trend data every screen refresh - any faster is a waste - and causes extra overhead. I have found no references to attaching a handler to the vertical retrace interrupt. Is this possible with a standard x86 type system with an ATI Radeon graphics card. Is it possible? If not, I guess that I could just run of a timer at the refresh rate (say 60 Hz).

Is it possible to get the trend data smooth scrolling? I.e. new data comes in on the right, and pushes the old data off to the left.


To my knowledge there is no facility in Photon that provides this features.

Thanks Mario - I assume you are referring to attaching to the vertical retrace interrupt :slight_smile: