QNX under 2GB

Hi all,

I’m at it again! This time I’m trying to install QNX to a flash disk (just under 2GB). Only problem is that the installer says it’s too small.

Is it possible to install QNX on a device that’s less than 2GB??


Probably not. It would fit if you don’t install the development stuff but that’s not what the Momentics CD is about. For that get the run-time CD.

Or install on a HD, remove what you don’t need and copy on the USB key.

ok, this is going to sound stupid, but how do I remove stuff from the default installation and what are the core files needed to run qnx?

many thanks.

To remove stuff you’d use rm ;-) Well in theory all you need to run QNX is the kernel, the clib and the boot strap. Of course that’s won’t accomplish much. To give you an example I got QNX6 with a stripped down version of Photon to fit in 17 Meg. It all depend on what you want to do with it.

You are trying to install a development system on an embedded target? That’s the wrong way to go. You have two possibilities:

a) obtain the QNX x86 runtime kit, which installs just the OS without any tools
b) build your own QNX configuration with an own boot image and own filesystem. For building boot images, you need a build file and mkifs, after you have a boot image, just copy what you need into the file system. This way you can build QNX installations that need less than 4 MB (a minimal QNX image actually is below 1 MB).

I have QNX 6.3.0 SP3 and I’m trying to put a minimal image onto a flash drive that’s 2GB. Is this different to QNX x86 runtime kit? does it include it?

I’m just really confused on what steps I take and what programs to use build this minimal image. Do you guys here know any good guides on QNX with step by step instructions?

I’m still searching the qnx website for good docs, can’t seem to find anything that actually tells me what I need to do.

So if I take option (b) I need to install mkifs? and do I have to make up a build file?

I really have no experience with QNX (besides installing it) and have no experience with QNX development or deployment … so any help from you guys is really appreciated :smiley:

Thanks for the replies so far!!

Why searching the QNX website for good docs? QNX Momentics, when installed, comes with tons of good documentation. There is the “Building Embedded Systems” part of the docs, which has a chapter about OS images. Read it! Ignore the part for flash images, you only need the build file part.

The QNX Neutrino x86 runtime kit would probably be easier for you - it installs the complete Neutrino RTOS with Photon, but without the development environment (which is what needs so much space).

The general question is - what are you trying to do with QNX Neutrino? From the answer of this questions it depends what is the right way for you.

Thanks Thunderblade ! I found that doc, seems helpful, I’ll read it and see.

ok, so a bit more background, I’m working as part of a uni project. We want to use QNX for time critical elements of the project code, and the reason I’m trying to put it on the flash is that the project leader thought it would be more reliable than a HDD. So here I am trying to make a small QNX image. The QNX image not only needs to have c library stuff but also Ice middleware.

Stuck again! :frowning:

The qnx help documentation keeps referring to this bsp_working_dir/src/ directory. I can’t find this any were on the system file-system. Do I need to create this in order to make my IPL and startup program??

can some one please help me…


BSP = Board Support Package. If you are running on an X86 system with a BIOS, it is very unlikely that you would need a BSP.

Oh, I c. and yes I’m running a x86 system, core 2 duo.
Then how do I make my qnx image fit using the development CD that I have?
There’s no package removal in qnx that I know of.

getting confused now…

While there may be one, I don’t know of a way other than loading QNX onto a hard drive, and then picking the files you need for your target. You might start by building a minimal system, just the OS, sh, and other utilities you need to boot and get running. Once you have this, you can add your application files.

Finally I have found the right tool! The integrated development environment has a system builder tool which can be used to build an OS image.

_< can’t believe I didn’t see it before! thanks