slinger and user authentication


I’m trying to authenticate users on a QNX6.3.0 system running slinger, but I have no idea how to go about it. It doesn’t have to be super secure, just to keep ordinary people who don’t have access out.

My first idea was to use a .htaccess file, but I’ve seen from other posts on here that slinger doesn’t support this method.

I don’t know anything about CGI and don’t want anything too complex, like having to manage sessions myself, so what’s the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance!


If .htaccess doesn’t work, ouch, that means that slinger doesn’t support “Basic” Authentication.
You could use CGI and it doesn’t have to be very complex. You would have to put in a Form with a password field, and then set a cookie. I’m assuming slinger supports CGI and cookies, but I don’t really know if it does. I know of a ‘C’ support library for CGI that would make this fairly easy if you are intersted.

It does support CGI, but not sure about cookies. I’ll have a look at how to use cookies.



Cookies are nice, but not necessary. Instead, you can generate all your links so that they pass the password along each time a link or submit is clicked. This has a down side. If the user backs out or retypes the URL, they will be prompted for the password again. The password forwarding can be done either on the server side, or using JavaScript on the client side. And of course, you have to check the password each time at the server.

OK, I’ve got it written using form POSTs to change pages, which doesn’t look great, but it does the job. Only one problem…

I’m assuming that slinger will pick up the SSI calls that is in my CGI generated HTML, but I’m not sure if it will.

Only one way to find out!