Advanced Graphics Technology Development Kit


What is the significane of using Advanced Graphics Technology Development Kit? What is the difference between Photon and Advanced Graphics Technology Development kit?

I think Photon provides the framework to develop GUI control. In Advanced Graphics Technology Development Kit doesn’t provide framework, so appliation has to handle everything through coding.

The effort involved to develop GUI on Advanced Graphics Technology Development Kit is more comapred to photon but Advanced Graphics Technology is royalty free.

Please correct me If I’m wrong.

Your reply is very much appreicated.

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Your understanding is correct.

If you read … phics.html it is mention that you can run Photon inside a graphic layer.

Not that it maybe royalty free but the initial cost is probably VERY high. Much higher then many many many Photon licenses ;-)

Also, there’s no OpenGL support built-in to Photon. If you want OpenGL, you need the Advanced Graphics TDK. I’m guessing there are some other cool tricks as well.

-James Ingraham
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OpenGL ES, not OpenGL.

Thunderblade said: “OpenGL ES, not OpenGL.”

Oops. Right. Sorry.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

Thanks for your information. Is it possible to integrate graphics library with third party HMI software? Also, Can anyone please send me the simple sample program which uses graphics library? (Window with one or two button widgets - Sample program)

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The AGTDK was designed for the people who want to do high perfomance 2D and 3D rendering. It has a 2D API and uses OpenGL ES 1.0, also fonts and images. It does not have widgets or window management and such. It is used by people who want to port things like third party widget libs and such, Qtopia for example could be easily ported to the AGTDK. It is also used for map rendering and the like where you don’t need any widgets but need optimal rendering. If you get an eval of the TDK you will get a bunch of sample source code.


Imho the AGTDK is primary used for 2d and 3d graphic accelerated applications, like routing on traffic maps (with rendered cities etc.) and multimedia apps for embedded systems (movie players, music players, minigames etc. etc.).
If you just want to write a “buissness” app, not consisting of highend graphics textures and/or lot of moving widgets, you will be fine with just the photon part.

edit: There is no vital need for AGTDK if you work on a movie player or similar, but it hase smoother movings with this toolkit i guess