NTFS & QNX 6.3.0

I’m running dual boot with QNX 6.3.0 and XP Pro SP2. Can QNX mount and read from NTFS?


Sure would be nice if people kept links up to date. :frowning:


Anyone know where I can download this driver, and is 0.5 the latest version?


Well I found it:

web.archive.org/web/200501230514 … 6-domo.qpr

Now does anyone know if 0.60 is around, because at the developers site he mentions it.


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How to use

The easiest way of using the driver is to launch it with the "-a" switch:

fs-nt -a

cd /fs


cd0 hd0-nt hd0-nt-1 hd1-nt

Yeah BABY got them mounted. WoOT :slight_smile:

It seems the package is no more available from domo.qnx.org.ru.

Can everyone send it to me at alain.bonnefoy@rieter.com please?


Can I also get this package from anyone? matthew.jin@fmcti.com


Yo alain and jinma what are you two blind? LOL

The link I posted above WORKS!

CLICK IT! :slight_smile:

Hi DasFox,

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I just found this:

web.archive.org/web/200412081103 … /fsnte.htm

Alexander Domo who built this might be found over at qnx.org.ru Because his website link is suppose to be off of domo.qnx.org.ru/

I made a post over at qnx.org.ru to see if there is new version coming out: