crttrap trap hangs!!

Hello all,
I’m trying to get an embedded system with photon, but the chipset i810 doen’t work well.
I have a CPU with a Compact Flash where I want to install the embedded system.
My Photon works well with an driver (less resolution), but I have problems with the driver devg-i810 driver. The systems freezes when I puts ‘crttrap trap’ after ‘crttrap clear’.
The enumeration of PCI detects good the i810 chipset, creating the ‘graphics-traplist’ file with:

devgt-iographics -I0 -d0x8086,0x1132
devgt-iographics -I0 -d0x8086,0x1132
devgt-iographics -I0 -d0x8086,0x1132

So, the problem is when detecting mode in i810 chipset, because if I clear the line:
devgt-iographics -I0 -d0x8086,0x1132

and execute ‘crttrap trap’, it works fine.

The strange thing is that QNX-Photon in HardDisk Installation in the CPU PCA-6002, the driver works well.

Sorry for my english.

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.