controller with QNX 4.25


I’m using a controller with QNX 4.25 as OS. I want show by web a graphical statics. Its possible install a php server and mysql? My option is use Java or VB? There are other solution? What is the best?

Sorry I’m novice in QNX.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do. Yes you can install a php server (appache) and I think there is a version of mysql available as well.

Or you can use slinger (small server buildin QNX) with CGI scripts.

As for Java or VB, i’m not sure what you mean but you can’t uses any of those on QNX4

Hello Mario,

First that all thanks to answer. What I want is to be able to create graphical from files that are going create by a controller. The problem is that I do not have much space and wanted to see as it was the best form to create them. According to a documentation which I found of the controller it can do through ActiveX or Java Beans but is a a little troublesome solution to me. For that reason it wanted to install a servant PHP with a data base SQL to facilitate the way to me.

With Slinger could make graphs and treat files easily? A greeting and thanks.

Hola Mario,

Primero que todo gracias por contestar. Lo que yo quiero es poder crear gráficas a partir de unos ficheros que va a crearme un controlador de autómatas. El problema que hay es que no tengo mucho espacio y quería ver cual era la mejor forma de crearlas. Según una documentación que encontré del controlador se puede hacer a través de ActiveX o Java Beans pero me resulta una solución un poco engorrosa. Por esa razón quería instalar un servidor PHP con una base de datos SQL para facilitarme el camino.

¿Con Slinger podría hacer gráficas y tratar ficheros fácilmente?

Un saludo y gracias.

My name is Mario but I don’t speak Italian ;-)

I’m a bit confused, you mentionned a “controler”, is the controler running QNX or is the controler connected to QNX. ActiveX is a windows only concept and as for Java like I said QNX4 does not support JAVA.

What do you mean by “I do not have much space”?
You want the see the graphs from a Windows machine, from a web browser?

Hello Mario,

Sorry by my english. Its a controller running QNX. I have in the controller only 8MB of memory and the graphs are for web browser.

Thanks for advance.

Ok, then if you only have 8M I don’t think mysql is an option ;-) How much ram is there left when all the applications are started?

I think your best bet is to let the web server (slinger) transfer the file (raw data as generated by the controler) and let a JAVA applet or what ever you feel more comfortable with, transform the raw data into graphics but on the windows side. Or you can write a program on the QNX side that will generate the graphics but that will most likely use a good amount of ram.

Thank mario very much!

I see a litte the web server slinger. I’m going to create cgi o JAVA applet treating directly the data file.

Thanks for all!