Netwrok Problem on QNX 4.25- urgent.

I am using QNX 4.25. I want to setup network between QNX and Windows systems .
I am trying with D-link’s DE200PCT and SN2000CT type network adapters(PnP mode disabled) and Net.ether1000 driver. I had included the driver activation command in sysinit file.
On start up, QNX detects the card and allocates the resources to it.
I could even do self pinging (ping , QNX machine) but when I try to ping to windows machine
(, it hangs up on very first line.

Ping ( : 56 data bytes

The cards are working as I verified it by setting windows to windows connection.
Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
It’s urgent.


assuming sysinit is correct, check that

has lines similar to:
/usr/ucb/Socket QNX_machine_name &
/usr/ucb/ifconfig en1 up netmask
/usr/ucb/ifconfig lo0 up

This is based on 4.24 and I have used the format on 4.25
Unfortunately there are no 4.25 machines up right now.


No QNX does not allocate resource, these type of card are either plug and play or setup via jumpers. So it’s quite possible the drive makes a best guess as to which interrupt the card it, but it might wrong, usually is ;-)