Cross Compilation


I want to build a executable for the TARGET environment from QNX Neutrino 6.2.1 host machine. The target may be SH4 or ARM9. All libraries are present in my Neutrino host for TARGET environment.

qcc -o A A.c → This command creates executable for host machine. Similarly how can I create executable for SH4 or ARM9 TARGET environment.

Your help is very much appreciated.


I think you just need to use the -V option with your specific target.
For example for the SH4 target use: qcc -Vgcc_ntoshle A A.c

In QNX 6.3 SP2, the gcc_ntoshle target is included as seen in the documentation here: … q/qcc.html

For 6.2.1 it is not specifically listed, but try using ‘qcc -Vgcc,’ or ‘qcc -V?’ to find a list of supported targets on your system.
(6.2.1 qcc documentation: … q/qcc.html )