Excuse me for my bad english…
I’m now downloading QNX 6.1.
Do I have a modem USB Speedweb ADSL, I how make it to work on QNX?

Ho un modem Adsl Speedweb USB, come faccio a farlo funzionare su QNX??? :question: [/b]

I think you will have to write a driver for it.

I also have ADSL and would like to use QNX as live cd, but I do not know how to do the internet connection.
Is it possible or not?javascript:emoticon(’:?’)

Get an ethernet ADSL modem. If you’ve got that already then use the PPoE connection settings in the network prefs.

So here is my problem !
I’ve got a neuf box adsl modem, this device as no routage fonction and the neuf FAI don’t give any IP for the DNS servers and the gateway. So I manualy configured my ethernet card and set the parameters of my connection. I just gave the IP of the main server for the connection, it seems the modem answer to the ethernet card and try to join the server, but nothing append and the modem try to connect and retry and retry … Anybody got an advice about this ? I saw someone on the forum who said we have to disable the PoP O/S fonction of the BIOS, I’ll try this but I don’t think it will solve the prob’. Thanks for any information !!!

Did you get a setup cd with the modem? It might not be ready to go from the manufacturer. What brand is it?

I obviously got a installation cd with the modem but I don’t think there’s any Linux (QNX) driver on it. By the way I don’t believe specific driver is needed on qnx it should work directly without any cd … Sorry for my english but I don’t know what do you mean by “brand” if you’re talking about the broad band my answer would be : it’s an adsl one with 8 Mo / s …

I meant what is the name of your particular modem? And you probably don’t need a specific driver for your system, but the modem itself might need setting up… Try http’ing the modem’s ip and see what you get?

I don’t have static ip with this modem.
I don’t know what to put in the “service” field of the connection parameters… ?

The modem itself should have an ip address, like Has nothing to do with the outside network… Service field? Don’t know what that is…