Migration problem from Disk on Chip to Flash cards

I want to migrate my software from diskonchip to Flash cards using with IDE adapter. because flash crads are now easily availabe and much cheaper than diskonchip. I make an image with Norton ghost but after copying to flash card it was unable to boot. How can i solve this problem.

how about cp -R / /flash/

I guess the the disks have different sizes. We have a few threads regarding this topic.
Look here (e.g):

openqnx.com/index.php?name=P … ght=#32622

you must build a boot image for your flash card first.
maybe your flash card is eide interface.

Search the forums for boot script and compact flash.
This is a common issue that has been covered extensivly in the past.
Basically tou have to dinit the compact flash, then copy over the file system.
This is best done with the CF in an IDE slot on a target system if possible.
That way the eide parameters stay the same.
It is possible to build the disks using some sort of CF adapter, but this is usually problematic.
Again search the forums for evidence of this.

I tried to use Compact Flash instead DiskOnChip. It works but I still don’t use it.
How does it work: It depends on your controller. It can be accessible as HDD or as USB device.
I tryed both ways. For example you have CF controller on MOBO so CF accessible as /dev/hd1.
Run fdisk /dev/hd1, make 77 partition, make it active.
then mount partitions: mount -p /dev/hd1
then init filesystem: dinit -h /dev/hd1t77
then mount it: mount /dev/hd1t77 /CF
then copy your QNX, for example:
cp -fR / /CF
license /etc/licenses /CF/etc/licenses
Then make boot file which will start Fsys.eide or Fsys.atapi and then mount -p /dev/hd0 /dev/hd0t77 /
compile it and copy as .boot into /CF root.

Why I don’t use it:
1st: I had problems with “Fsys -a”, if you turn off power during copy you will lost all the work during last day or you will get your filesystem destroyed.
Without “-a” it works better.
2nd: CF will not work as long as DOC. Every writing of file will cause writing into filesystem area (FAT table area in FAT filesystems or appropriate place in QFS).
So after 1 million updates of small file your CF will be killed. If you use DOC, firmware of DOC translates writings into one logical area to writings into different physical areas.
So whole the surface will be worn out uniformly.