irda for GPRS (Ericsson R520M)

Can I force to work irda on my notebook? (QNX6.0)


what problem?

maybe I didn’t read your original question correctly. I thought you were asking if there is a GPRS software available on QNX that can talk to Ericsson R520M. I don’t remember seeing such as thing and that’s why I said 'no".

If you already have the software and are having problems running it, please post the errors and/or pointers to the software download.

ericsson works well, as standard modem with COM port.
connection it through irda - problem…

I may be wrong, but I don’t think QNX support irda.

I have understood, thank you for answer.

P.S. It isn’t cool…((
QNX is very like me, but I very need irda on my laptop.