Question about mounting drives


I am new to QNX. I have the following issue:

The machine I am working on has 3 drives:

  1. 512 MB Compact flash (Secondary master)
  2. 2GB Compact flash (Primary master)
  3. 80 GB Hard disk (Primary slave)

I wish to have the [color=darkred]primary master mounted as [color=darkred]hd0, [color=darkred]primary slave mounted as [color=darkred]hd1 and [color=darkred]secondary master to be mounted as [color=darkred]hd2 always irrespective of how many drives are connected.Say for example, if only the 512MB compact flash (Secondary master) is connected, then I want to mount it as hd2.

Now I have connected only the primary master(PM) and the secondary master(SM). Then I want to mount PM as hd0 and SM as hd2.
When I give the command
[color=darkblue]devb-eide blk naming=2 eide ioport=0x170,irq=15
it mounts the SM to dev/hd2 and dev/hd2t77
But when i give the command
[color=darkblue]devb-eide blk naming=0 eide ioport=0x3F6,irq=14
it does not mount the PM to dev/hd0.
Instead it creates an hd1 always irrespective of the “[color=darkblue]naming”

Please suggest what command is to be used to mount it as per the requirement.


twice the post, read: … 7547#37547