Filtering for packet coming only from en0 interfce of io-net


I have three en0, en1 and en2 interfaces registered through io-net.

I have writtena filter module. I want that only packets coming from en0 interface comes to my filter module and rest just ignore the filter module.

Can someone please put some light on this?


I think if you start an io-net for every card, you could enter just for the en0 your filter:
io-net -dYourEthernetDevice -ptcpip if=en0…, -dYourFilterDevice
io-net -i1 -dYourNextEtherDev -ptcpip if=en1…
io-net -i2 -dYourNextEtherDev -ptcpip if=en2…

This should just use your filter on the first instance io-net
The second io-net1 and third io-net2 won´t use the filter

The docu for io-net is pretty good here

Hi Micro,

In QNX io-net documentation, I am not able to see -i option. Can you please tell me which document you are referring?



Yes I have seen it. Thanks Let me try out