Ad-Hoc Mode


I’m trying to use qnx orinoco drivers in ad-hoc mode to talk to a windows machine. When in ad-hoc mode, my qnx machines can ping each other, but can’t see the windows machine. When I remove the ‘ad-hoc’ argument to the orinoco driver, then qnx machines can ping the windows machine, but not each other. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m using qnx 6.2.1. Here is the commands I use to start the driver.

io-net -d orinoco channel=11,network=sue,mode=adhoc -p tcpip stacksize=20000

netmanager -f /etc/net.cfg.orinoco[/code]

My neg.cfg.orinoco file looks like this:

hostname bear

type ethernet
mode manual


There is a bug in the standard orinoco driver shipped with 621.
Ad hoc mode does not work properly.
QNX sent me an update which works fine.
If you have support, contact them for the update, if not maybe I can send you the file.

There is also a utility floating around written by Connor ORourke that allows you to configure the wireless card on the fly. I found this very useful.
I could probably dig up the source if you would like it.