I’ve just downloaded and installed the QNX6.21 nc. My ADSL and audio are working fine, but I have a problem. I am Hungarian and I didn’t see the Hungarian keymap. Where can I find it, and how can I install it? Other question: which Cd burner sw. works in QNX?

If the ‘localization’ utility, located on the Photon shelf, don’t have your keyboard configuration, maybe it is not supported.

normal unix cd burning sw like cdrecord should work for qnx. Details can be found at

I am sad.
now I use the german keymap, but it is not easy.

it is not so difficult make our own keymap. Look for the description of mkkbd utility and for .kdef files - examples in /usr/photon/keyboard directory. Personaly I made my own lithuanian keyboard in 3-4 hours from the start.