QNX 4.25 password problem

I have my company computer system which runs QNX 4.25 that my brother was the administrator for. The problem is he has died unexpectedly and we cant find the login or password info for the system. Is there a way to get past this without messing up my current system and business. Any help would greatly appreciated in getting us around this because I am afraid of what will happen if terminals fail or worse a disk does.

Yes there is. If you want to contact me at maschoen@pobox.com I’d be happy to discuss this off-line.
I hope anyone else in the community who knows the answer will understand my reticence to posting
this type of information in a forum.

Thanks I have emailed you from my work email to see what can be done. My brother was a member of the forum which is how I found it. Unfortunately he didnt see it necessary to leave our system access information where we could easily find it in case something happened to him.