Synchronization via LAN


 QNX manual speaks that named semaphores may be used to synchronize different processes via LAN. (I.E.: "As a useful variation, a named semaphore service is also available. It uses a resource manager and as such allows semaphores to be used between processes on different machines connected by a network. ")

The problem :

 There is a local network. Each machine runs the one process which   should be synchronized. Processes are similar. I'd like to synchronize processes via LAN with the help of named semaphore. Other ways to synchronize processes have already checked. (I mean messages, timers etc.)  Everyrthing works well enough, but it needs to use semaphores.

If one had some experience in this problem or something like that please help.

Are you asking what the API is for using semaphores on the network?

There is no problem to use semaphores to synchronize local processes (sem_open, sem_unlink etc.)
I want to synchronize remote processes via LAN. So, it’s not clear how to use it. Manual refers to manager “mqueue”. Is it necessary to use mqueue API and how?

Thanks a lot.

After haveing created a named sem,and nqet is working,then you can use it as the way as the local sem,just sem_open("/net/node/remote_sem_name"…).
I never test it,but that is usual way the QNX works.

Thanks. It works well enough.
But it’s uncomfortable to address to the specific node for each process. So, if you know something about node organization let me know please.