Installing QNX 6.3.2 on Dell Optipelx 745 (Removing Windows)

I’m attempting to install QNX 6.3.2 (I’m new to QNX) on an existing Windows machine. I updated the BIOS to launch the installer. I get this happening:

Hit Esc for .altboot …

Press the space bar to input boot options or D to disable DMA
Trying SATA ahci. Scanning for devices.
Trying EIDE. Scanning for devices

It hangs and never finds the devices.

All the devices (Disk, CD, etc) are defined in BIOS and available. Anyone have any suggestions? I looked on the website and it doesn’t look like Dell is supported.



Is it possible that the Dell computer has serial ATA devices? There may be an EIDE emulation that you can turn on in the BIOS, and it may just not be supported under QNX right now.