Routing or Bridging functionality

I have an embedded system with 2 Ethernet interfaces and I would like to configure it to act as a router. How should I proceed? Which binaries do I have to include in my system?

I would like to know if there is any bridging functionality available in QNX?



Use the routing daemon ‘routed’

There is plenty of resourses on the web to tell you how to use it.
It works the same under QNX as it does under Linux.

This daemon is available only in the Extended Networking Technology Development Kit (TDK).

If that is all you need from that kit, it can be less expensive to find the source on the web and port it yourself.

Thanks for the answers,

I read the routed documentation and it’s now clear. I know the Extended Networking Technology Development Kit (TDK) is quite expensive. I will then try to port it myself.

And what about bridging ? I found how to do it for both Linux and OpenBSD but nothing about QNX. Is it supported or possible to do it myself?