Printer solution.

Hi! I need to get a printer up and running, but I cant find any drivers for a new decent printer, just old ones. Do you guys know a printer that I can/should use? By the way; it must be a average printer size, not one of these huge over-priced laser-printers. A little tutorial on how to set it up would be fine too :slight_smile:


Without intending to recommend anything in particular, all HP printers (as far as I know) use the same language, PCL. Iโ€™m not sure what type of printer you are interested in, inkjet or laser, but if it is the latter, I think even PostScript lasers can be had for relatively cheep these days.

It doesnt matter what printer it is. It just have to be a small one (Laser/Ink). I got a HP Laserjet 2500 to work (PCL) But its huge!

I just can tell for QNX4.25, but as maschoen said, you need at least PCL5 (or 3???).

On QNX4, the follwing printers work here at my office:
Brother HL2070-N
OKI B4250
HP LaserJet 1160

All these A4-printers should be obtainable for about 200รขโ€šยฌ and I guess, a normal driver for any older HP-Laser works.