How to Config PCMCIA Card Realtek 8139 Family

We have IBM Laptop. We have to configure this card for LAN connection.
It has 2 Card Buses. with controller : O2 Micro OZ6832/6833 CardBus Controller.

And the PCMCIA Card has the Realtek-8139 Family chipset. which requires driver Net.rtl. And this driver is available in the QNX425PatchE.tar file. This file is available for download. And after installing this patch, u will get the Net.rtl driver.

Now don’t know the exact procedure to install the card.

can anybody help in this regard…???

Vikas, Nitin

i have the same question .

After you plugin the card, do “pin” to see if it “sees” the card.

Those two documents will give you an overview:

BTW, if I remember correctly, QNX4 does NOT support CardBus. So, you need to make sure you are having an old 16 bit PCMCIA card.