Current glibc on QNX 6.3 needed - possible?


I have a proprietary precompiled dynamic library “” that I would like to use on QNX. This library expects a fully fledged glibc environment, e.g. it relies on and other *.so.6

Is there a way of making this setup work, i.e. obtaining for QNX? I understand that glibc was abandoned by QNX in favour of Dinkum libraries?

Many thanks,

Depending on just how much you were sucking in from the glibc that isn’t standard libc “stuff” you might
be able to get away with creating a lib with the matching name that is a copy of the QNX official libraries.
If you don’t get any link errors during the build, you might be safe.

Otherwise, you can download and build glibc yourself. It isn’t that difficult.

thank you very much @ tfletche - renaming doesn’t work, I will try to compile it.