Project make error

Hi All,

I build the Test project but with the following error result:

make -k clean all --file=C:/QNX630/workspace/Test/QMakefile8866.tmp
make: *** File C:/QNX630/workspace/Test/QMakefile8866.tmp' has modification time in the future make: Failed to remake makefile C:/QNX630/workspace/Test/QMakefile8866.tmp’.
make: *** No rule to make target clean'. make: *** No rule to make target all’.

I would be very appreciated for your help and solution.


You likely don’t have your clock time set properly, or you are pulling a file from some other server.
Make is finding that the times are in conflict so it is choosing to do nothing.
Running touch over your files (ie touch *.c) should knock the timestamps to whatever
time you machine things is “now”.

Hi tfletche,

   Thanks many for your reply.

   I put a wrong make program under the windows directory, each time it was wrongly invocated when building the project. I removed it and no such problem is found.