can not make HDD bootable

Hi guys- I’m new to QNX. Just started using it for the first time! Hope someone can offer some help…I am stuck!

Trying to make an image of a known good HDD and restore it on to another one (blank).

I connected both disk on the SCSI bus (known good one with SCSI ID= 0, and the new one with ID = 1).

When I do a ls /dev, I can see both disks (pls. see below). However, when I try to partition the new disk and make it bootable by typing : fdisk /dev/hd1

I can not get in to the fdisk utility.

Am I doing soething wrong or may be missing a step?

Welcome to QNX 4.23A
Copyright (c) QNX Software Systems Ltd. 1982,1996
login: root
Last login: Thu Jun 07 21:31:31 2007 on //1/dev/ttyp0
Wed Jun 13 23:34:06 2007
/<1> ls /dev
con1 mqueue ptyp17 ptyp6 ser2 ttyp17 ttyp6
con2 null ptyp18 ptyp7 shmem ttyp18 ttyp7
con3 ptyp0 ptyp19 ptyp8 ttyp0 ttyp19 ttyp8
con4 ptyp1 ptyp1a ptyp9 ttyp1 ttyp1a ttyp9
con5 ptyp10 ptyp1b ptypa ttyp10 ttyp1b ttypa
con6 ptyp11 ptyp1c ptypb ttyp11 ttyp1c ttypb
fd0 ptyp12 ptyp1d ptypc ttyp12 ttyp1d ttypc
hd0 ptyp13 ptyp2 ptypd ttyp13 ttyp2 ttypd
hd0t77 ptyp14 ptyp3 ptype ttyp14 ttyp3 ttype
hd1 ptyp15 ptyp4 ptypf ttyp15 ttyp4 ttypf
kbd ptyp16 ptyp5 ser1 ttyp16 ttyp5
/<2> fdisk /dev/hd1
FDISK: No such device or address
Physical disk characteristics: (/dev/hd1)
Driver : SCSI Drvr
Physical Drive # : 1
Disk type : Hard (2)
Cylinders : 0
Heads : 0
Sectors/Track : 0
Total Sectors : 2

Warning: total sectors field does not agree with
cylinderssectors/trackheads!! (2 vs 0)

Partition table information:
0: (0) beg(h=0,s=0,c=0) end(h=0,s=0,c=0) off=0, size=0
1: (0) beg(h=0,s=0,c=0) end(h=0,s=0,c=0) off=0, size=0
2: (0) beg(h=0,s=0,c=0) end(h=0,s=0,c=0) off=0, size=0
3: (0) beg(h=0,s=0,c=0) end(h=0,s=0,c=0) off=0, size=0
signature1=0x00, signature2=0x00

Did you try if fdisk runs via Knoppix or any other live-system, just to confirm the new hd is working?

No, unfortunately I couldn’t as I had no access to another server that has this kind of HDD (which has a SCSI 50 pin connector). Anyway, the HDD turned out to be faulty as the supplier sent a replacement which worked just fine.

Sorry for not getting back earlier and thanks for the tip. Later.

If you want to copy one disk to another make sure they have the same geometry.
If same then use : “cp -V /dev/hd0 /dev/hd1”, providing /dev/hd0 is the source and /dev/hd1 is the destination disk.
If they have not the same geometry then you can not copy one to one.