Adding "Build Project" icon to toolbar

Is it possible to add a “Build Project” icon to the toolbar? When debugging a program, I’m always switching to the C/C++ perspective then right clicking the project and selecting “Build Project”. I’d like to be able to do this from the toolbar (anytime, any perspective).

The way eclipse works is that you configure each perspective individually with the commands you want to have present, although
there is work being done on adjusting that.

In order for you to add it to the perspective then you need to customize the perspective with the project build commands. You
can get at that via the Window > Customize Perspective … and then add in the commands that you would like to have available
in this perspective. You need to do this for each perspective you want to add commands to (currently)

Hope this helps,

Window → Show View (-> Other) → Make Targets

A small window with all make targets you define for your Project.