" Target not connected " message for connected tar

I’m remotely debugging code through the QNX IDE. For no apparent reason, the IDE now displays the error message “connection refused: connect”. I was running a thread to monitor interrupts on the Parallel port and since I killed that thread I am no longer able to connect. I have killed the same thread many times before and have had no problems. My target is now displaying as “not connected” though no settings have been changed and I am logged on to the same target through Phindows also.
Any help is appreciated! (PS I’m a newbie as regards QNX)

Is qconn still running on your target? It is required for connections to be established with the IDE.
If not, just re-run it.

Thanks. That’s all it was. Qconn must have been stopped somehow when the thread was killed. Appreciate the help! :stuck_out_tongue: