Video capture

I am needing to make acquisition of images with a webcam for the USB port or a video cam with a Video Frame Grabber. Anybody can help me?
I have instaled QNX NEUTRINO 6.3.

Richard Schrader
Eletrical Engineer

QNX doesn’t come with any build-in capability for webcam or video frame grabber.

I think Imaging Technology has a driver for one model of their video frame grabber. I have written a driver for Coreco Genie ethernet camera.


my name is Jiri. I have to resolve the same problem - write a driver for video capruring from analog camera. Maybe we can exchange some information.


Look at, a Neatherland based company providing frame grabers and drivers for QNX4, QNX6.
We work with them for a long time. Excelent support!!!