please help

i am a new user of qnx …i have download qnx evaluation version from the site…now the problem is that i m not able to execute my first basic program…infact problem is when os ask me to provide name of target an d host ip…after providing all again it says not connected so due to this …i m not able to debug…n secondly is there any option for terminal on evaluation version …n where to get full version of qnx ???

please reply…

You didn’t say which host OS you got the evaluation download for, so please forgive me if you know this already.

You can develop programs for Neutrino in a development system hosted on Windows, Linux, Solaris, or on a self-hosted Neutrino system. If you develop on Neutrino, you can run your program on the same machine; if you develop on Windows, Linux, or Solaris, you have to have another machine (the target) that’s running Neutrino. This is probably the most confusing thing about the evaluation systems.

Have you tried following the steps in the Quickstart Guide (also available on the QNX website)? It will take you through the basics of setting up your host and target, connecting to the target, and using the IDE.

Furthermore, you can update qconn via the IDE. This won´t solve your bug, but bring you some more possibilities to debug memory etc.

Did you download the qnx os and booted it up ? or did you just download the IDE (running on windows) ?, if you downloaded the IDE you would need a qnx host (a machine running on qnx) to run your programs. Hope it helps