Execute a script from CD?

Is there a way to execute a script from a CD?

When I copy a file to the QNX device, I can chmod it to execute it. However, I put a CD in, burned with the same script (burned on Windows) and I cannot execute the file because it is rw-rw-rw-.

I have tried making the Windows “executable” set. I have tried ls and chmod utilities that run under a Windows DOS command prompt, and they do nothing (I’m guessing there’s no bit to set.)

I find it hard to believe you can burn a normal data CD, but have no way to set an executable bit on a file on it.

Is there a way to do this?

I know I could copy it to the device and chmod it there, but our current utilities do not have this, and I cannot change them easily. I suspect there must be a way to do this, otherwise why have a way (in our utility) to execute a script from a CD that does not work unless the file on the CD is executable?

And no, the original programmer is not available for questioning, unfortunately.

First of all i think you can give a special mount option to mount the cd, making all files executable.
Alternate, if it is a shellscript run:
sh /path/to/cd/yourscript.sh