New to QNX 2 with some questions

We just took over a computer running QNX (with QNX Windows 2.2) on an old 486 that they tell me has been running for 14 years. How can I tell what the base OS version is?
Is there a place I can get a list of commands / syntax or is there a command similar to apropos?
Is there a place I can get the Install floppy disk? I think the HD is going bad.
I am currently looking for a command that would be similar to fsck.

CHKFSYS drive#- Check entire file system for consistancy
DCHECK drive#- Check a disk for bad blocks
I do have backup image of QNX2.2

Thanks for the info, JB. I’ll try both the disk checks. How would I go about getting a backup of QNX2.2?

Run “tsk info” to find the OS version.
Run “ls /cmds” to see what commands are on your system.
For any particular command foo, run “foo ?” to see it’s syntax, unless you have the old QNX 2 documentation around.
Run “chkfsys /” to see if the file system is coherent, and run
“dcheck 3” to see of there are bad sectors.