QnX 4 NIC question - quick

I seem to run into this alot. We’re evaluating a new workstation option for QNX (HP) and on the qnx 4 supported page, it seems to be acceptable (intel pro).

I tried using the driver, daemons wouldn’t start, and when I finally did (forgive me for not knowing syntax very well YET) the show_pci script, the card doesn’t show up at all in the list. Am I out of luck or is there something I can work around here?

It is a onboard card, but on the PCI-extended bus. Which I was under the impression would downgrade to legacy mode, and be detected as a simple PCI device.

Any takers?

I’m up for anything!! Thanks!

If you can’t see the device with the show_pci script, it probably isn’t there. Check your bios settings to make sure that it is enabled if you haven’t already.

I just threw in a Linux boot disc, and set it to nfs install. It picked up a driver, and assigned an IP address ricky-ticky fast. So It must be enabled then corrrect? If not, LInux wouldn’t have seen it either. Even IF the card isn’t supported, you’d think QNX would atleast see that it exists. Or is it just that playful? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: update; I ran some stuff through linux to find out it’s a Broadcom card. HP duped me into thinking it was an INTEL. Good thing their on thier game :unamused:

Try show_pci -vv, but default show_pci doesn’t show devices it doesn’t know about. That being said QNX4 doesn’t have support for broadcom card.