SSH for QNX 6.3 on Armbe

Has anyone got ssh working on a platform other than x86?
How can I port/get ssh working on arm?


OK, so if there are no ssh ports for qnx.
Does anyone know a secure way to connect to a qnx platform over a network?
Also a secure way to transfer files to and from a qnx platform?


There are ports, but not for Armbe. i think you could take a stab at OpenSSH.

cheers mario,
i’ll have a stab then. any idea the best place to get help if i get stuck. here or openssh etc?

OpenSSH for x86 is available on the third party CD, I beleive the source code is on the CD as well.

Cheers for the help. I think I looked there already and didn’t see any source code for openssh (I guess i’ll need libraries like openssl etc), but I’ll double check.

I just looked and there are source codes for openssh and openssl on the CD. Look for the file “”.

That’s strange, I just downloaded the 3rd party disk from the qnx web site qnxpub621.iso and looked in the file. I can’t see the source code there. Is this the disk you were talking about? openssh & openssl are listed in the repository directory but not in the

Cheers for the help.

The was created using some special/latest zip program I guess. You can try different zip programs (winzip, winrar, Unix unzip, etc). Lots of people complained that they couldn’t “see” the full content in the past. That’s why there is a tar.gz format mirror at openqnx:

excellent. thats a good start then, getting the source code. guess i failed at the first step.
Thanks for you help.