QNX 6.1 Network

I’m rather new to QNX and I have been handed a Legacy product using QNX 6.1 and have been trying to get it to run on newer hardware. Right now the current stumbling block is the network card; It seems the 6.1 right off the CD only supports cards which as of now are obsoleted (or very difficult to find).

Ideally i’m trying to get newer drivers to work on the main QNX drive then port it onto the Embedded drive for the product to use. Not really picky about what type of card to support at this time.

Any help is appreciated.

Drivers for OS greater then 6.1 aren’t compatible with 6.1.

It might be possible to take all of the 6.2 networking components and get them to run under 6.1, but that would surely imply lots of trial and error.