dinit question

I use the “dinit” for initial HD

dinit -h -R -f xxx.ifs /dev/hd0
the host ack me the

DINIT: You have specified the ‘raw’ disk . not a partition : continue(y/n):

I can keyin “y” for host! It is OK

My question :
If I doesn’t want to keyin ‘y’ for it . Can it auto-pass the ‘y’ and do the “dinit” command ? How do I write the command?

Either there is a command line option (maybe -f for “force”) or you could write a shell script and pass that information in inside a << >> block.


Why not fdisk the drive first to create a partition?

-q (for quiet) will suppress questions and messages.

Also, I have to agree with bren-uk. Why are you dinit-ing a raw drive?

-James Ingraham
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