Based on the following post from the veteran QNX developer Mario Charest, QSSL is now QSS. I tried to search qnx.com to find some official word and write a news article but there is nothing I can find. anybody got any insight info?

I like to write it as “QSS[L]” now, with the “L” in square parenthesis, in my view the change basically is silly but probably stems from the verbal softness and length of the company’s name.

To give you somthing to compare it against think of “Microsoft Incorparated”. Now; do we call “Microsoft Incorporated” anything but “Microsoft”? No, of course not.

Also the term “Incorporated” or “Inc” has a nasty taste in many peoples mouths - it’s usually assocated subconciously with lawyers and other capatalist-skum-of-the-earth™.

“Limited” shares much of the same taste, though it’s not as bitter. People assocate the term “Limited” with it’s more direct meaning “Limited Liability” - which is true to the companies roots, but not an image they’d like to present directly with their name.

By branding the company with a name that they also brand their flagship products with decades ago QSS[L] put themself’s into a prediciment they’ve not been able to recover from since.

“QNX Software Systems Limited” is an extreamly long title (duh!), they’ve just tried to reduce the complications and assocations with it as much as possible. In reality they’ve just tried to droped the last word from common useage. Most people will be able to assume who “QSS” is just by looking, but if not you can just do what I do add an extra L in square parenthesis, ala: “QSS[L] recent announced support for…”

I’m sorry I could’nt provide you with a better answer (my answer is a bit dodgy and inaccurate at best) but it looks as if no one else is (eg: A QSS[L] staffer) replying. :frowning: