AT91RM9200EK BSP ethernet mac driver initialisation

Hi all,

We had QNX custom engineering produce a BSP for us for an AT91RM9200 Evaluation Kit target. The BSP provided the Startup to be run after the IPL (Uboot) and a couple of drivers, one for usarts the other for the ethernet mac.

If I download the BSP image to the target using TFTP via Uboot and run it,
it all works fine. When i download the same image via a Lauterbach JTAG debugger using the data.load.binary command and run it there is a problem with the ethernet driver. I get a message from QNX saying ‘unable to init dll
devn-atemac_g: unknown error’.

I’m using the same image in both cases and the Lauterbach remains
physically connected in both cases. I’m having trouble identifying what
is going wrong as i don’t have the source code that outputs that message.
Any ideas? Obviously i’ve asked the same question of QNX as well but sometimes forum can be quicker.

Best Regards