I need to transfer files between a Windows client and a QNX2 server.

I have found documentation for a utility called QCP_FOR_DOS but I am unable to find the installation or source files for this utility.

Does anyone have this utiltiy available???

Thanks in advance.

This sounds like a part of DOS NX. I don’t think the company that sold it is still around, but you might find someone who still has it. There’s one other network solution to this problem. A German company sold a TCP/IP solution for QNX 2, and I think still does. If you can put a QNX 4 machine in the middle, there was a way to connect over a network between QNX 2 and 4. There is also the possibility of using FAT16 Dos files systems to move data. This could be an EIDE drive, or something removable, such as a Zip disk.

On second thought, qcp was a file transfer module used by qtalk. Hmm, I never heard of a DOS equivalent. qtalk worked over a serial connect, although as mentioned before, you could hook up such a connection between QNX 2 and 4.

If serial port is ok I see two choices. You can port sz/rz to QNX2 ( shouldn’t be that complicated ). Or if QNX2 already has qcp ( don’t know ) , the source to qcp is available on qnx’s ftp site. The file is called 10.6_qcp.tgz. You could try to port that to Windows and QNX2 if the protocol isn’t available.

I recall that there used to be an x-modem or z-modem module that worked with qtalk, just like qcp. I can’t find any remains on either of my two working QNX 2 systems, which is bad news. I tried to use the CTRL-A t command with qtalk, and it doesn’t seem to work for some unknown reason?

I managed to use z-modem to perform the file transfer.

thanks for your comments.

Can you tell me the name of the z-modem program file? While it is unlikely that I will use it again, I am one of the last repositories of QNX 2 knowledge, and I want to keep as much as possible fresh.

You could try ftp.qnx.com. navigate the to following path and I think that you can use the module for there:


The QNX admin that takes care of the system loaded zmodem at my request. I have no idea where is got the source code from. I’m just the guy that has been tasked with implementing functionality that the system has never had before. We’ve managed to get a QNX2 system networked, added network printing functionality, and now file transfers. It has been a challenge.

I would think that would be a challenge. A few words of advice, in case you are not aware. Of course you probably already know about the floppy speed problem, although I think the last os release deals with this as best it can. If you are using QNET cards, keep an eye out for increased network resource use. There is a race condition where virtual circuits do not get broken down completely. If you don’t occaisionally reboot, you could end up unable to create a new connection. This problem appeared in 486 computers I think at about 100Mhz. You can sometimes get around this problem by leaving circuits open. There also was a utility that was supposed to help clean up, but I don’t recall it working all that well.