net problem?

my qnx runs on pc/104,it has one net port,now client needs two net port,then I use another net card combined with the pc/104,the io-net can support the two net port correctly,but sometimes I find I can’t ping to the two net port,the reason is “the io-net is disappeared”,for I use pidin and can’t find the io-net processs,what can cause it?how to avoid it happen?thanks

Either it received a signal ( SIGTERM for example ) or it crash. Check with sloginfo to see if it crashed. If it crashed it possible your hardware is misconfigured or that there is a bug in io-net or one of the drivers.

by the way,how to check if it crash by programme and reload it?

If you start io-net from a program using one of the spawn*() routines, you can either have spawn return when it exits, or you can use wait() or waitpid(). If you do this in a loop, you will automatically restart io-net, however be careful that you don’t start a hard loop. If it fails continuously, you should at least put in a reasonable delay to slow things down.
I believe the “HAM” system does something like this for you, if you care to figure HAM out.

indeed,I start the io-net in my buildfile,I want to restart it by programme if the io-net crash,under this condition how can I find the network is not valid?

lstat /dev/io-net/en0 ?

Instead of starting ionet from your buildfile, you could start the program that starts io-net and monitors it from there.