eclipse-gdb - virtual memory exhausted

…/…/gdb/utils.c:983: gdb-internal-error: virtual memory exhausted: can’t allocate 10654992 bytes.

This is the message i got when trying to read a global Structure in the GDB.

Add Global Variables → myGlobStruct

The moment i try to open the struct in the Variables-widget, this error shows up and no information about the structure is given.

Is there a parameter for giving more memory to gdb?
Running with 1.5GB Ram seems not to be enough. The pagefile shoots up to almost 2 GB when trying to read this structure.

We found a workaround for this:

Setting the maximum size of the pagefile to 4 GB
and setting the Timouts in eclipse->window->preferences->C/C+±>Debug->GDB MI to 40 sec. debug-timout and 50 sec. launch-timout

made it possible watching the big global structure

You may also find this post of interest. While the default QNX installation should check and see
if the key is set to a “largish” size, it is woth doubl checking: … 00267.html

Hope this helps