QNX Momentics IDE compatibility with Windows Vita

Hi all,

I have installed windows vista and QNX Momentics IDE. Then I have a VMWare with QNX 6.3. Somebody know if QNX momentics is compaible with windows vista? because i’m getting the following error:

369 [main] sh 3244 sync_with_child *** child state waiting for longjmp timer line 0

164 [main] sh 3244 sync_with_child child 4004(0x10C) died before initialization with status code 0x1 timer line 0

I got this error serveral times with different programs. I used to have the same scenario but using windows XP and it was working fine…

Somebody could help me??? maybe this error has nothing to do with Vista

Many thankls!

qnx.com/developers/vista_sup … letin.html