QNX 6.2.1 + devb-umass

Hi people,

I would like to know if devb-umass is available in QNX 6.2.1. I could´t find this driver. What should I do???

Best regards

I don’t think it was available. I would contact support and see if you an get a version.

Thanks Bedmond!

I was expecting that answer…unfortunately. hehehehe

So, there is no way to acess files in a compact flash card via USB?

Yes it’s possible, you need a USB to comact flash adapter. I have been connected IDE driver through USB (with 6.3 though) and that works fine.

you can use devb-umass from QNX 6.30 in QNX6.21.

Thanks people,

I can´t connect to IDE because I need to hot swap the CF. I will try to use devb-umass from 6.3!

Best regards

I’m not talking about IDE, I’m talk talking about a IDE to USB adapter and devb-umass. You should be able to hot swap.

Sorry Mario, I miss understood. Thanks to show me another possibility!