Detecting console switch (QNX6)

Want to port QNX 4 app to QNX6 at some point, but app wrote directly to video card memory and would detect when console switched , so would either refresh screen or stop writing. Is there either a virtual CGA console buffer I can write to (not interested in ncurses) or a way to detect that my app is the currenty active console similar to QNX4

I’m guessing here, but consider the discussion that went on a few months ago about (re-)creating a text ditto program for QNX 6. The consensus was that the console driver did not have the needed user calls, and would have to be rewritten to provide them. I suspect that the call you are looking for is in the same category, although this could be wrong. If you can get the source to the console driver, it might not be a large task to add it.