netinfo -l assigned node id vs phyisical

Alright guys… I got a good one ;)

I am using an INTEL card thats seems to work…yet doesn’t …PARADOX

I’m using the Net.ether82557 and it loads fine with just vendor and device Id’s EXCEPT for the phys address. It says

Speedo (Lan:1) : Cannot Determine Ethernet Address from command Line or EEPROM
DriverInit: Unable to configure adapter”

BUT If I supply the (correct…I promice) MAC address with the -m switch I get this

“Speedo (LAN:1) : Warning - EEPROM CRC Failure”

Now… I didn’t think this would be a problem, but when I do
netinfo -l I get all the “right” info but I have

Assigned Node ID…000FFE 613D90

Now I can do netmap, get it rolling, but when i try to ls //23 for example it won’t budge…

Can we say hardware EPROM failure? Or is my card too new for the QNX4 driver? Even though it loads.

Willing to do any testing! Thanks guys!

I would go for a hardware failure.

Where would I find newer Qnx4 drivers if I wanted to try one out? navigating is like running through a labyrinth drunk at midnight.

Thanks ;)

The problem that you are encountering has to do with the fact that netinfo from before 4.25 only works on ISA based chassis and there is a new netinfo that works on PCI based chassis.

Hope this helps.