crttrap error

Hi, I have a problem with crttrap command, execute crttrap clear, then crttrap trap ok, when crttrap start, I get the error
“Cannot open palette file: No such file or directory
Could not connect to :No such file or directory”

Any ideas?

Does the directory /qnx4/photon/palette exist??
Do you have any .pal files on your system? Try find / -name *.pal

Yes, it exists, there’s many .pal files there.

The palette file error is more of a warning. I bet you are not running a palette based mode and it does not matter. The other error is the odd one. I assume not graphics starts, correct? Is there anything in “sloginfo”? What does the file /etc/system/config/graphics-modes look like and what does a “crttrap query” print?


Thanks to all, I tried with other configuration in the crt.node_number archive and it worked.