Synchronous RS422 RS485 PCMCIA Card

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody here has used the

Synchronous RS422/485 4MBits/sec HDLC Serial Communications PCMCIA Card from QUATECH … uct_ID=109

Does it work with it in QNX6.3 ?
it uses the Zilog 85230 compatible SCC controller

can anyone sugguest any alternatives, I found 2 more listed below …
Do these work with QNX6.3 ? … eHD717.htm


Have you checked with the manufacturers for a QNX driver?
Very unlikely to find in the 6.3 release.
In saying that, writing a driver will be relativly trivial as the card will behave much like a standard UART.
The clever bit comes whan reponding to tx and rx interrupts to maintain the synchronous communications.
If there is a Linux driver out ther, that will give you a good start, or if you are familliar with interrupt drven comms then I doubt you will have too much trouble.