How to make BOOT/Instalition disk?

Hellow, everyone!
Our’s system is QNX2 based on COMPAQ Desktop Pro 2000-5100 PC. How to make a recovery floppy disk? Thanks!

if you don’t have a boot floppy, and no reliable way to boot that system then the best approach is to contact QSS customer service and ask for a qnx2 floppy disk set… that includes a bootable floppy. in fact the entire os and utilities fit on a single 1.4M bootable floppy. :slight_smile:

If you still have access to Qnx2 you can make a boot disk using the command boot. I believe the options were something like:

boot +F

you’ll have to check the manual.

Thanks for all. Yes, I can access to Qnx2 use user ‘qnx’ . in the introduce sheet , there’s reboot command:

$ boot os.2.2latp d=3:/drivers/disk.atc +q

which one is boot image? ‘os.2.2latp’ or ‘disk.atc’?

Does '+F ’ meains copy bootimage to Floppy?

use: boot os_file_name [options*]
options: c=config-file d=disk_driver -pause +qnxloader -qnxloader
ROM disk Options: +Hard_disk +Floppy +partition -Partition

Thanks again!

I believe +F was the floppy option - my memory fails me. It was so many years ago that I last used Qnx 2.

os.2.2latp is the bootimage.
disk.atc is the driver for the device.

The floppy disk doesn’t need a driver because it is handled from bios. You’ll probably have to add the loader too.


boot os.2.2latp +F +q


Hi, I have try this command line just now, system prompt:

This routine should only be run when NO one is using the disk
Press carriage return to continue, Ctr Break to stop.

after I press Enter key, system return to ‘$’ prompt.

Do we need use all_stop to stop all of processing? If so, I need wait for down time to maintenance it.

BTW, does this floppy must be format by QNX? How to use ‘fdformat’ command?