Dual-view 2 monitors

Is it possible to dual-view 2 monitors with QNX 6 SP3 and have 2 resolution for each monitor (1280 x 800 and 1280x1024). I have done this with Free86 in Linux, but I cant find the xfree config file in QNX.

The quick answer is yes. I haven’t checked 6.3 SP3, but the previous version didn’t support this using the photon graphics setup program. Instead you had to edit a config file directly. If you search the documentation for “monitor” I think the examples will come up. BTW, it might be a good idea to run “pci” to make sure that there are 2 video cards visible. The server hardware I tried to do this with could not cooperate, refusing to properly initialize either two separate video cards, or two different dual port cards, boo hoo.

I am a newbie. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find the solution. Someone mentioned and looked they knew how to config this. I installed the new QNX, but the two monitors are identical, I want them to be two views.

Thank you very much.

Yes, this is definitely documented in the delivered help, although it might take some looking. If you can’t find it, let me know and I will get you a direct reference.

Yes, please give a reference. I have already searched this site and qnx for about one week. I hope I could fix it today so that I can have a good weekend.

Thank you very much. Have a good day.

Ok, this should get you there fast.
Bring up the Help Viewer.
Search on “Displays”
Choose “Setting Up Multiple Displays”

“Help Viewer” is only available if you already have QNX 6 installed.
Otherwise, you can read the online doc:
qnx.com/developers/docs/6.3. … html#Video
scroll down to the heading: Setting up multiple displays
Good luck!

maschoen, noc
thank you very much. I ever loaded the page about io-graphics several times, but I had missed it.

I still couldn’t solve it. I read the article and made the configuration file there(as below). I then ran
io-graphics -c/usr/photon/config/matrox.conf
but no reponses, no error information.

So I ran “sloginfo”, there is
Sep 21 14:48:50 1 8 0 phfont_init
Sep 21 14:48:50 1 8 0 phfontXX started OK
Sep 21 14:48:50 5 8 0 fontsleuth: unblocking client
Sep 21 14:48:50 1 8 0 Received terminate request, exiting - EOK

So looks I couldn’t run “io-graphics” directly. I guess I should first shutdown the video driver first. I would run “io-graphics” before the photon interface started. But I couldn’t find clue in the “ph” script or in rc.d ( I guess it must be in some script). Also I search helpviewer, I couldn’t find the answer.

devices = matrox

dllpath = devg-matroxg.so

pci_vendor_id = 0x102b
pci_device_id = 0x525
pci_index = 0

displays = 2

plugins = photon

photon =

xres = 1280
yres = 1024
bitpp = 32
refresh = 60

xres = 1280
yres = 1024
bitpp = 32
refresh = 60
region_x = 1280

dllpath = gri-photon.so

Please some expert helps me. I tried very hard. So your several minutes will save my several hours.
Thanks a lot.

This looks pretty good to me. I don’t know that I can help you any more. Either you are not configuring something properly, or there is a problem with your hardware. If it is configuration, then only you will be able to play around to try to overcome the problem. If it is hardware, probably no one can help.

Maschoen, thank you very much.
I found the error in the configuration file.
devices = matrox

~~~~~~~ it should be matrox, I forgot changing it.
dllpath = devg-matroxg.so

Now it works.